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What does Mac and AirLive have in common? January 25, 2010

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I was installing Windows 7 on my Mac (via bootcamp) when a question pop into my mind. What is a computer without its operating system (OS)? As we all know, a computer without its OS is completely unusable. And when you installed different OS on machines with the same specifications, why are we experience difference in performance. Mac computers are said to be running faster and easier to use than Windows-based computers even when running on a slower CPU – why is this so?

The key lies in the operating systems. The OS is the brain of the machine. When the OS is well written or developed with unique features that none other OS have, your machine thinks better, runs faster and performs smoother. So what has this got to do with AirLive and our technology?

When in come to wireless networking devices for professional usage, the firmware plays a critical role, just like the OS to a computer. Only with a well-developed firmware, will you get better signal coverage, longer distance connectivity and obtain maximum throughput. Without a good firmware, very often, your devices are only running at 50% efficiency – at most.

Many will think that AirLive is a manufacturer for high quality networking hardware. Well, there is a slight misconception here. We not only made high quality hardware but we are also dedicated to develop our own firmware. There are many companies out there who claimed to develop their own firmware, but in actual fact most are using some generic firmware and customizing them to add a bit more functionality. These usually result in poor performance and instability.

By developing our firmware from ground up, we are able to ensure a smooth integration between processes, between the hardware and the software and between performance and user experience. We call this The AirLogic Experience.

AirLogic Interface

The end result, not only you will get a top performing firmware that is stable, fast and efficient, we also add in some unique functions such as:

  • Super Channels – Operators who hold the license to 4.9GHz or 6.1GHz frequency bands can avoid interference from radar and other 5GHz devices (just made sure you have the license for that frequency)
  • Polling – Multi-point installation with clients at different distance is always efficient but our Polling function will automatically manages the bandwidth according to the distance to the center AP for you.
  • Lock-to-AP – WISP client can make a priority list for outdoor APs.  So when one AP is down, the CPE will automatically connect to the next AP on the list.
  • 8-point WDS Bridge Mode – WDS Pure MAC Bridge mode provides much faster throughput than common WDS-AP-Station architecture, allowing you to establish 8-point bridge network instantly

Think of us as the Mac in the networking industry. Our hardware may have the same specifications as other but our firmware just made it better, so try out the AirLogic Experience for yourself today. And to wrap things up, I would like to borrow a quote from Macintosh – “Get an AirLive, it just works”.

p/s: Did I mentioned, we also provide FREE Software upgrade.

Next week → Smarter Strategies for the New Year.

Contact: William Ko
Email: marketing@airlive.com


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