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AirLive Multi-Functional 3G router (Part 2) February 22, 2010

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I am back.  For those who are unaware, it is the period of Chinese New Year here in Taiwan and we were having a nice little week long vacation.  During the holidays, I traveled to the countryside and visited a friend’s who own a farm.

This is also the perfect opportunity for me to test out the power of AirLive latest creation – the Air3G.  Now for those who are following my last blog entry, I did mention that one of the main feature of Air3G is it 1 Watt high power radio.  But for most of us who live in the city, we can’t really appreciate the full power of 1 Watt due to the limited space we are living in (unless you are living in Buckingham Palace).

9X CoverageWhile out at the countryside, I have the first hand opportunity to witness just how far AirLive Air3G can transmit.  First we hook up the Air3G to the ADSL line and place the Air3G close to an open window.  Next I took my MacBook and travel to the farthest end of the farm, which in my estimation is about 800 meter away from Air3G.  The next thing to do, obviously is to try and connect my MacBook to Air3G and amazingly, I can still managed to achieve about 70% signal strength.  I am pretty sure that I can still get a signal at 1 kilometer, but unfortunately I ran out of space to test that.  This may not sound very interesting but think of what it can do if you are sharing your Internet Connection with your neighbors or to use it in a hotspot environment.

But wouldn’t it be troublesome if every time you change your SSID password and you will need to inform everyone whom you are sharing with?  This is even more unimaginable if you are using it as a hotspot device.  That will bring us to Air3G next feature – Hotspot Authentication.  Air3G is by no means a full-fledged hotspot device but it does allow you to create a username/password for up to 40 users.  This is enough for you to share your connection with surrounding people or to use it as a small simple hotspot device (for example, using in as a hotspot for a café).


Well, it is really hard to appreciate Air3G through words and text.  You’ll need to try it out to fully experience the power it can unleash.

Till next time…

Author: William Ko
Email: marketing@airlive.com


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