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How to setup AirMedia-350 Wireless Network for BT Download January 28, 2011

Posted by Airlive in How-To.

Wireless Network Setup

Step One: Add a Wireless Enabler (AirLive N.MINI) to your AirMedia-350

  • To connect your AirMedia-350 wirelessly to the Internet, you’ll need a wireless enabler, such as AirLive N.MINI (wireless USB adapter).

Step Two: N.MINI Client Mode Setup (through PC)

  • Switch Your N.MINI to Client mode
  • Open up a web browser and enter the IP address of the client mode N.MINI IP:’s on the paper manual guide)

  • Then there will be a pop up screen asking for login, username: admin, no password (default setting)

  • Go to the setup wizard and complete the client mode setting for N.MINI

  • Plug your N.MINI back to AirMedia-350.
  • Connect your N.MINI to your wireless AP router by pushing the WPA button on both devices.
  • Wireless connection established! Get ready for the next step – BT Setup!

BT Setup

Step One: Format your HD disk for the first-time use to make sure that it’s ready for saving your legally downloaded files.

  • How to format the HDD?

System -> HDD Format -> HDD Format

Step Two: Enable the BT and SAMBA

  • Go to System, and turn the option into “ON”

Step Three: Import the BT seeds from PC to AirMedia-350 via the web-based BT download management.

  • Open your web browser and input the AirMedia-350 IP.

  • Click on “Add new torrent” to add a new download task, and click on “Browse” button to select the destination to store the seed file. Then, click on “Yes.

  • Back to the initial page, and you will see the seed downloading status.

  • Once the downloading is completed, you may find the files have already been saved on the AirMedia-350.
  • Return to the initial browsing page of AirMedia-350 on your HD TV. Your legally downloaded files locate in “Browse  -> All -> HDD”

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the Full HD 1080P multimedia entertainment via AirMedia-350 with your family and friends!


1. Henrique Grande Neto - May 4, 2011

Please, I recently bought a AirMedia 350 and I’m having problems with BitTorrent. Everything else is working absolutely fine: my Macbook can read and write to my HDD installed on the AirMedia and my AirMedia can view my shared folder from the Macbook.
The problem with the torrent is: I upload a .torrent file to AirMedia. It comes back to the BT page but the download never starts. It get stuck at 0% and it also says speed is 0.00 KBPS.
My home network is: ISP cable plugged into my wireless router-modem. My router has 4 RJ45 ports. AirMedia is plugged on port1 and my macbook pro is plugged on port 2, for testing purposes, but it will, mostly all the time, be wireless.
Can you help me? Thank you very much for your attention!

Airlive - August 9, 2011

Sorry to reply you late o~
You might need to upgrade the firmare which you can download from this website:
This firmware can fix the BT item problem.

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