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AirLive Video Surveillance Press Reviews – Now we’ll show you how in practical terms it seems the implementation of video surveillance system based on IP cameras, the example of the company AirLive November 15, 2011

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Now we’ll show you how in practical terms it seems the implementation of video surveillance system based on IP cameras, the example of the company AirLive.”


AirLive Video Surveillance Solution

Now, we’ll show you how in practical terms it seems the implementation of video surveillance system based on IP cameras, the example of the company AirLive IP video surveillance system is a device that allows communication between IP cameras, computers, and storage devices for video recording and on the Internet if it is a remote control. The first step for the setting up a system of IP video surveillance is certainly the installation of such devices. In our case we used the AirLive WN-220R, a wireless router which supporting transfer rates up to 150Mbps, for the SOHO segment.
This wireless router has four Ethernet ports, and in a practical sense you can connect up to four IP cameras.  AirLive WN-220R offers you the ability to set up by using the wizard or manually step by step. After one or another way to set the WAN connection and get access to the Internet, you’re ready for the next step in setting up a system of IP video surveillance. This router distinctive design offers support for popular encryption methods (WEP, WPA, WPA-PSK, WPA2, WPA2-PSK), and the WPS. The more advanced functions to be integrated firewall with IP address filtering and service, URL blocking, and control the MAC address. Implemented protection against DoS attacks; a feature that makes this router extremely interesting for applications in video surveillance system is dedicated support for AirLive IP Cameras. Access service menu is also available at, as with other AirLive routers. This router is available at affordable price.




After initial setup and after addition of computers to the WN-220R connect at least one of the supported IP cameras, the Forwarding Rules menu you will find IP CAM section, which will be shown all the cameras connected to your WN-220R. Since the routers DHCP options at default settings on, access IP CAM section will be necessary for you to know that the IP address assigned to your camera or camcorder.

In this section, the cameras can assign different descriptions, so cameras can assign descriptions related to the location where you are. For purposes of this guide, we used AirCam 200PHD IP, IP-resolution 2MP camera with PoE support (12V Passive PoE). This is a camera that does not support wireless connectivity, support for power through Ethernet cable is extremely useful addition, given that it eliminates the need for the outlet near the camera or use an extension cord.AirLive WN-220R, unfortunately, no PoE support, but it jumps AirLive with a simple and practical solution in the form of pass-through adapter. This adapter will connect your power adapter, input power cable connected to the router, and the output power cable that goes directly to the camera. This solution is included in the package, and comes with IP-200PHD camera.

AirCam IP 200PHD the classic IP camera which support for video recording at resolutions up to 1600×1200 pixels or 2MP. In addition to the passive PoE support, it can boast of two-way audio support and built-in microphone and speaker support for the merger. The manufacturer has decided to integrate the microSD slot, and IP-200PHD which can write recorded contents on predefined rules without the need for additional storage solutions. Monitoring can be done through a web-based application or using any of the web browser and thanks to 3GPP support, secured and access through 3G or 2.5G network, and monitoring can be made ​​with your mobile phone. The camera manufacturer supplied AirLive CamPro Express software for video surveillance, which allows simultaneous monitoring of multiple video streams in real time. 64 channels are supported through web user interface; a user can select different configurations (1, 4, 9, 16, 32 or 64 cameras).
Once you have the IP CAM menu routers learn the IP address of your camera, you can access the web interface that gives you the ability to monitor and adjust the camera settings. AirCam IP 200PHD cameras can be purchased at a cost of around 250KM, and there are more expensive and cheaper models, and video surveillance can be planned according to your needs and budget.
As we already mentioned, WN-220R has four Ethernet ports, and in this way you can connect up to four cameras, provided that your computer or connect to a wireless connection to the access provided through the Internet. It should be noted that AirLive offers dozens of different IP cameras, including a variety of wireless models, so you can choose the appropriate models to configure your particular video surveillance system. Following the merger of one or more IP cameras, unless you intend to sit in front of non-stop computer and monitor video streams, content is needed somewhere to save and record.

This step in the network video recorder suitable characteristics, we will show you NVR4 company AirLive. This lightweight device is intended for home or office use, which provides support for installing two SATA II hard drives, with the possibility of connecting up to four IP-based video cameras. NVR4 not limited to the AirLive IP video cameras, but also provides support for models of other manufacturers (Axis, Sony, Panasonic, and Vivotek). It built-in Gigabit Ethernet which will provide enough bandwidth for up to four IP video cameras, and using hard drives in capacities of 1TB, depending on quality, providing the capability to store up to 200 hours of video. Implemented software is based on Linux and NVR4 has 128MB of DDR memory. Installation NVR4 network video recorder is not significantly more complicated than installing IP cameras.

After connecting the recorder, it is necessary to install the NVR Search Tool, an application that will find NVR4 on the network, and allow you access to an assigned address. Access to the user menu in this case is done through one of the Internet browser, and everything should be done after connected to assign channels and IP cameras. This process is done automatically or manually, in the case of automatic assignment of the user must enter the access data to the camera (user name and password). 

With the connected cameras, you can specify the schedule of activation of the recording for each camera. The recording can be continuous, without exclusion, and it is possible to adjust each camera separately, so that the recording starts at fixed time every week.

This solution allows very flexible use of the savings in the available storage capacity. The cameras can be activated to sound or movement. In LiveView section you can supervise in real-time, while the Playback section you can view footages from exactly chosen time period. Network video recorder is the most expensive component of the video surveillance system, a test model NVR4 available at a cost of about 425KM. If you consider that this is a machine you need to buy one or two hard drives, the price can be twice as much as these. Since the purchase of network recorded considerably increases the value of investments, most home users will at least initially to use a computer or network drive, or even the ability to record to a microSD card slot integrated into the IP-200PHD camera.

The example of video surveillance system that we have this time presented with WN-220R router, network NVR4 recorder and two IP cameras 200PHD, will cost you less than 1000KM, which is the most user-friendly price for this solution. The significant advantages of IP surveillance system compared to traditional CCTV system are able to purchase a step by step, and a significant investment can be broken down into several smaller ones. The system that we’ve shown is characterized by ease of installation and use, and requires no special knowledge and understanding of networking technologies. 

We hope that we have treated the case as shown in a simple, flexible and relatively affordable way to configure the video surveillance system that will suit your needs.

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