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Airlive bullet IP camera with smart focus & zoom August 28, 2015

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Even today many fixed cameras are not able to record video with great clarity. We often see on the news that CCTV captured at a crime scene is not of high enough quality to identify the suspects and that police are asking for witnesses.  The situation gets even worse when the cameras are positioned on high buildings or bridges etc. and the distance between them and the object is much greater. That distance makes it hard to recognise objects and faces, and thus renders the cameras almost useless.

Airlive has developed, what the company believes to be an answer to this problem, namely the bullet IP camera BU-3028/ BU-3028-IVS, which is equipped with a high quality sensor and a smart focus and zoom lens, allowing it to adjust focus remotely and immediately when the focal length is changing. In addition, the installer does not need to adjust the focus when setting up the cameras, making both installation and maintenance easier and ensuring that an effective video quality is captured with no details missing due to the zoom.

The Airlive BU-3028/BU-3028-IVS also have new built-in features such as Corridor Mode. In many surveillance situations, such as aisles, staircases and hallways, landscape mode is not the best option because the vertical field of view is small and the sides of the images could be useless. Therefore, it makes sense that a corridor mode might be a better way to conduct this type of surveillance.

Airlive also includes Digital Video Stabilisation in these models which is a video enhancement technique that reduces the blur in the video caused by camera shake. This helps to eliminate the vibrations caused by, for example, the wind or passing vehicles, and will not affect the image quality.

The Airlive BU-3028/ BU-3028-IVS support recording to a local SD card or remote storage, it is also able to connect with the company’s free 64 channel recording software and ‘CoreNVR9/16’ for advanced surveillance management. Users can also take advantage of the Airlive Campro Mobile app to monitor cameras on an IOS or Android mobile device.


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