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Enjoy your Ride – AirLive Digital Home brought you a wonderful home internet experience September 11, 2015

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In the same fashion an architect designs your dream home – Digital Home , Digital will act as your technology architect to design dream system with the same professionalism, attention to detail and pride in the finished result. Services provided by Digital are flexible to fit your needs; they can be selected individually as your lifestyle dictates or can be combined in a comprehensive manner, such as whole-house audio & video systems, security security and surveillance systems, home theater, etc.


 Digital Home is expecting due to the increasing behavior as People watching videos, listening to the music, playing on-game, monitorubg their home, or doing their work by utilizing Wi-Fi internet anywhere. Wireless internet is indispensable for people nowadays, but with the rapidly increasing stream content on the internet, home owners may need to think about how to provide faster wireless service to enhance home users experience and satisfaction. Cetainly, we also consider how to maintain these access points easily and ensure they function normally everyday.
New Wi-Fi Technology Brings Greater User Experience 

The next generation of Wi-Fi technology-802.11ac AP Router, AC-1200R is to provide faster speed and more smooth internet service than ever at home. AirLive, a world-class surveillance and networking equipment provider has launched the new Wi-Fi enabled devices, supporting 802.11ac technology – AC-1200R AP router, whose theoretical data rates of Wi-Fi AC standard is 1200 Mbps, are 3 times faster than Wi-Fi N technology. Moreover, with high power radios and MIMO technology, it is able to provide up to 1.5 times coverage compared to the conventional wireless routers. Users can exploit the full capabilities of 802.11ac standard while maintaining backwards compatibility with previous wireless technologies, which makes it an ideal solution to improving an existing wireless/wired network.

Dual-band supports varies internet activities smoothly

In addition to its superior speed and coverage, the 2.4 GHz/5 GHz dual band of AirLive AC-1200R is another advantage for building digital home. The 5 GHz network is less vulnerable to interference and provides stable bandwidth up to 867 Mbps – therefore, it is suitable for video streaming, on-line gaming and IP camera connections. The 2.4 GHz radio provides a separate network for computers, tablet PC, and smart phones. By supplying separate network bandwidth for each of the two types of links, the AC-1200R provides maximum flexibility in setting up a digital home network.

More information please check: http://www.airlive.com/product/AC-1200R


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