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Smarter Strategies for the New Year February 1, 2010

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In case you’ve been living under a rock, the technology news of the week is Apple’s announcement of iPad, which was touted as a smart tablet.  SMART – that is our blog topic for the week.

At the start of the year, we were thinking, what is our vision for 2010? How can we improve customer overall satisfactions?  The answer?

Smarter Strategies for the New Era.

After a couple of years of recession, many countries are starting to undergo economic recovery, but the effect of the recession is there for us to see.  Companies will change their way to do business.  No more wasteful spending, every dollars must bring in the maximum return on investment (ROI).

So how will AirLive ensure our customer will continue to have the cutting edge when marketing our products?  First stop, smarter products.

We had been talking about going green lately but having a green product is more then having new chipsets that consume less power.  The firmware must be intelligent enough to know when to increase the power when in demand or using the least energy when the machine is in idle mode.

And our Polling function for our outdoor Access Points have built-in intelligent that will automatically determine the distance of the clients for maximum transmission efficiency.  And should one of the machine failed, Lock-to-AP will automatically search for the next available machine, thus maintaining a smooth connection.

And what about our latest 3G routers with WAN failed-over?  Sure, most 3G routers is able switch to WAN when the 3G connection fails (or vice-versa) but AirLive 3G router will know the connection recover and switch to your preferred connection the instant they become available.  Now that is a smart router.

While many companies emphasis on smarter products, we at AirLive like to think differently.  Not only do we have smarter products, we only provide smarter marketing services so that our customer can promote AirLive product at greater efficiency.

For a start, we decided to tear up our product catalog (not literally, of course).  Rather than having all the products in one big catalog, we split them up into 4 different product lines.

You and your customers can now focus on the product lines that they are really interested in.  And in order for AirLive customers to have instance access to our catalog at any time, they are now available as an interactive online version.

Click here to view the Home/SOHO Online Product Catalog

Click here to view the Enterprise Online Product Catalog

Click here to view the WISP Online Product Catalog

Click here to view the Surveillance Online Product Catalog

Well, we have more new products and services coming your way.  A little sneak preview for our loyal readers – very soon, instead of you having you visiting us at our trade show, we will be bringing the trade show to you right in the comfort of your home.  For the latest updates and information, stay tuned to this blog space.

Contact: William Ko
Email: marketing@airlive.com


What does Mac and AirLive have in common? January 25, 2010

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I was installing Windows 7 on my Mac (via bootcamp) when a question pop into my mind. What is a computer without its operating system (OS)? As we all know, a computer without its OS is completely unusable. And when you installed different OS on machines with the same specifications, why are we experience difference in performance. Mac computers are said to be running faster and easier to use than Windows-based computers even when running on a slower CPU – why is this so?

The key lies in the operating systems. The OS is the brain of the machine. When the OS is well written or developed with unique features that none other OS have, your machine thinks better, runs faster and performs smoother. So what has this got to do with AirLive and our technology?

When in come to wireless networking devices for professional usage, the firmware plays a critical role, just like the OS to a computer. Only with a well-developed firmware, will you get better signal coverage, longer distance connectivity and obtain maximum throughput. Without a good firmware, very often, your devices are only running at 50% efficiency – at most.

Many will think that AirLive is a manufacturer for high quality networking hardware. Well, there is a slight misconception here. We not only made high quality hardware but we are also dedicated to develop our own firmware. There are many companies out there who claimed to develop their own firmware, but in actual fact most are using some generic firmware and customizing them to add a bit more functionality. These usually result in poor performance and instability.

By developing our firmware from ground up, we are able to ensure a smooth integration between processes, between the hardware and the software and between performance and user experience. We call this The AirLogic Experience.

AirLogic Interface

The end result, not only you will get a top performing firmware that is stable, fast and efficient, we also add in some unique functions such as:

  • Super Channels – Operators who hold the license to 4.9GHz or 6.1GHz frequency bands can avoid interference from radar and other 5GHz devices (just made sure you have the license for that frequency)
  • Polling – Multi-point installation with clients at different distance is always efficient but our Polling function will automatically manages the bandwidth according to the distance to the center AP for you.
  • Lock-to-AP – WISP client can make a priority list for outdoor APs.  So when one AP is down, the CPE will automatically connect to the next AP on the list.
  • 8-point WDS Bridge Mode – WDS Pure MAC Bridge mode provides much faster throughput than common WDS-AP-Station architecture, allowing you to establish 8-point bridge network instantly

Think of us as the Mac in the networking industry. Our hardware may have the same specifications as other but our firmware just made it better, so try out the AirLogic Experience for yourself today. And to wrap things up, I would like to borrow a quote from Macintosh – “Get an AirLive, it just works”.

p/s: Did I mentioned, we also provide FREE Software upgrade.

Next week → Smarter Strategies for the New Year.

Contact: William Ko
Email: marketing@airlive.com

AirLive: What’s in store for 2010? January 22, 2010

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2009 had been significant for the networking industry. 802.11n was finally ratified, economy was recovering and more countries are de-licensing the 5GHz spectrum.  So what does 2010 holds for AirLive?

For a start, we have a new technology blog where we will share our concepts, ideas, product information and case studies with you. This is also the year where AirLive turns green with more online activities as we do our part to reduce carbon footprint, preserve resources and most importantly, bringing information timely to you at the comfort of your home.

Technologies and products wise, there will also be major changes.  Smartphone’s like iPhone and Blackberry are pushing the price of 3G Internet connection down.  We see this as a business opportunity for 3G routers as users begin to look for way to share their 3G Internet connection.

For outdoor wireless connectivity, you can expect the demand for high power wireless products such as our very own AirMax5 continue to grow.  High power wireless device allows a longer and wider coverage and this will reduce operator’s installation cost.

Another area where we can expect to see major changes is in the area of Networking Surveillance.  H.264 is now the mainstream video compression technique, together with new megapixel lens and more unique functions, this year might just be the year where IP Cameras will pose a major challenge to traditional CCTV cameras.

Well, it looks like we will have an exciting year ahead, so stay tune to this blog for more discussion as we integrate life with technologies.

Contact: William Ko
Email: marketing@airlive.com